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Seductively Seasoned.

Our Ingredients:

   1.    Celtic Sea Salt. Well. First of all, salt is delicious. But specifically, Celtic Sea salt contains a nutrient dense blend of trace minerals and a remarkably high level of magnesium, which plays an integral role in all body systems. Also, for those of us who are desert dwellers - salt is what’s known as hydrophilic, duh. Simply put, it absorbs and retains water, which can help prevent dehydration.    2.    Organic Sun Dried Lime. We thinly slice and dehydrate organic limes with the help of the hugh elevation sun. Not only does it preserve the flavor and sizzle away any potential contamination- but it adds a delightful burst of sunshine bits, the effects of which can only be found within.   3.    Solar Evaporated Organically Infused Whiskey. Pretty much says it all. A cozy blend of barrel aged fermented grains combined with warm, aromatic spices. Your partying days are behind you?  Not a problem. Science says that alcohol is burned off after about three hours of cooking, and our salt is in the solar oven for much longer, until all liquid has completely evaporated. So, no worries, this product DOES NOT CONTAIN ALCOHOL.  But as a side note, it’d be really great on the rim of a margarita, just saying!    4.    Non GMO Butterfly Pea Flower Powder. Aside from having an adorable name and a striking violet color, it’s also a rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It turns the ordinary into the extraordinary. Which is kind of the point of life, right?    5.    Tobacco Effusion. Promise we didn’t just make this up. Or maybe we did…? It’s hard to say. Tobacco has a long history as a culinary ingredient in indigenous cultures. It imparts a peppery and cayenne type spicy flavor when the whole, fermented leaf is combined with foods. Rest assured this product DOES NOT CONTAIN TOBACCO OR NICOTINE.  Instead, we solar charge natural tobacco alongside our salt. It’s just a smell taste… Like when you forget a side of fries in the car over the weekend. Sincere thanks to eegee’s for the inspiration. If you know, you know.   6.    Organic Blue Lotus Petals. In ancient Egypt, this flower symbolizes the origin of life and is associated with the Sun God,  Ra. It is one of the highest vibrational plants on earth (if you’re into that kind of thing!) It also has worship worthy flavor and color.    7.    Organic spices. We believe a little well placed mystery is an important part of every long term relationship.  Also, as most of the taste in our salt comes from scents and infusions, there is no particular ingredient added in enough quantity to create a stand alone flavor. It’s truly a personal experience that is yours alone to unfold. 

Our Mission 

To create an alluring sensory experience; where the striking beauty and ever enticing aroma immediately obscures that far away longing with a “Whoa, how we end up here?” flavor. 

All natural & mostly organic, crafted in the same way a great composer makes music. One instrument layered upon the next, blending into the collective masterpiece until what remains is a Siren song of soul-stirring, forbidden remembrance… 

…that letting go of your expectations is the only way to fully embrace the unexpected. 

PS - Tastes great on pizza! 

Our Family:

1. Autumn Connolly AKA Mohhhhmmmm!  The creator. The chore delegator. The space where the dime flips from a tirade into “I’ll love you forever, no matter what.” The one who’s recited the ABCs so many times that the only way to prevent her brain from turning to mush has been through inspirational cooking. She has no credentials but for the ones assigned to her by her children and herself.  Which, when you think about it, are the only ones with lasting value.

2. Henry.  The only fella in a houseful of ladies. He’s channeled all of his male energy into electronics. He refuses to accept that the internet runs slower on cloudy days and because of that has claimed his place as our official family IT support. He can do it all: release EDM albums, create websites and change batteries.

3. Sally. Our resident multitalented artist. The creator of our company mascot, an ever increasing portfolio of soul-eyed animal portraits and many a stuffed animal made out of hand-me-down socks. She speaks like a character from Anne of Green Gables while still being the only one in the house who says NO and means it.

4. Minnie Mae. Our directional orchestrator who wants to be both a baby and a teenager at the same time. She refuses to eat oatmeal. But always remembers when we need to get toilet paper. She gauges the character of a person based entirely upon their response to being called a “gopher gut.” No pressure.

5. Tulip. The baby. She will hold a grudge for over an hour based solely on a stern look. She possesses a hyper awareness about holding chicks too tightly while also refusing to accept constructive criticism about how tightly she’s holding a chick.  A wonderful teacher of the fine line. 

©2020, 2023 by Anvil Traditional Healing™ & A-Frame On The Hill Collective™ 

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